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Concrete Reinforcing SIDEFIT Mesh
Technical Characteristics

SIDEFIT Special Reinforcing Mesh is designed to meet all reinforcing needs that exist in construction works. It is applied mainly to form a reinforcing grid for surface structures (slabs, walls, etc). Moreover, it covers all special needs of transverse reinforcement (stirrups) for longitudinal members (columns, beams etc), which are not covered by the standard range of SD column mesh reinforcements.

SIDEFIT reinforcement modernizes existing reinforcing practice, combining guaranteed industrial quality and significant time and cost savings.

Depending on the arrangement of the main reinforcement, in one or two directions, SIDEFIT reinforcement consists of two main categories:

In SIDEFIT 1D mesh the main reinforcement is arranged in one direction whereas in the other direction small-diameter (Ø6) bars of SAE 1010  wire rod are welded. They hold the reinforcement at the desired spacing.The number of these bars (Ø6) is the minimum required to ensure the cohesion of the mesh and their position may vary depending on the type of application (e.g. bending points, flying ends, “guides” for the forming of the mesh, etc). Their material enables easy cutting when required.

SIDEFIT 1D Special Reinforcing Mesh can be manufactured with the use of mesh-welding machines, for the lapping and the creation of cages of various shapes (e.g. complex columns) or hooks.

SIDEFIT 1D can be used in all cases of transverse reinforcement for longitudinal members (all kinds of beams, columns, walls, etc.), and moreover for the creation of a reinforcing grid for surface structures (slabs, walls, etc).


  • Cost savings due to easy fitting. Moreover, in case of grids, overlapping is avoided, as there is a single, independent, reinforcement in each direction.

  • Easy to install and accurate fitting to the dimensions specified.

  • Can be used for different kinds of supporting structures (linear, surface) and types of reinforcement (grids, supporting ties, etc.)

  • Wide range of dimensions of up to 12.0m in length and 3.6m in width, covering almost every case.

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In SIDEFIT 2D mesh the main reinforcement is welded in both directions of the mesh (Ø8- Ø25 in one direction and Ø8-Ø16 in the other).
SIDEFIT 2D Special Mesh Reinforcement can be used in all cases of reinforcing grids for surface structures with the use of a single mesh sheet. It is possible to create complex shapes depending on the weight of the sheet.

The selection of the position and the number of bars of the structure to be reinforced is done by adhering strictly to the needs of the design.

  • Cost savings, due to the minimization of the time required for fitting, as the minimum possible sheets, without the need for tie wire, are used.

  • Strict adherence to design, due to the use of the required bar diameters at secured distances in both directions.

  • Exceptional rigidity of the reinforcing grid due to its monolithic construction, with spot welding technology in total conformity with the provisions of the Steel Technology Regulations.

  • A high level of industrialization, as in most cases it is placed with minimal human intervention.

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