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Merchant Bars
STOMANA INDUSTRY SA is the leading manufacturer of merchant bars in Bulgaria. The prestige of STOMANA INDUSTRY's name, the internationally certified quality of merchant bars (TUV Rheinland Group), the manufacturing know-how and flexibility, the large distribution network and the high quality services provided by STOMANA through its representatives, are some of the advantages that make STOMANA the company with the leading market share in Bulgaria.

The full range of merchant bars offered by STOMANA consists of products manufactured at company’s plant in Pernik Bulgaria, complemented by the range manufactured by SIDENOR SA at its plant in Thessaloniki, Greece.

STOMANA SA's position in the merchant bars market is reinforced significantly by the leading position and the nationwide sales and distribution network of its representative, SID-PAC Bulgaria SA, member of SIDMA SA, Greece, a company with long-standing tradition, experience and know-how in steel product manufacturing and marketing.

Through its export departments, STOMANA is increasingly active in the European markets, where it has already gained significant market shares.

 Pernik, Bulgaria
 Thessaloniki, Greece (*)
Side length from 10 to 40mm
FLATSWidth from 80 to 180mm
Thickness from 40 to 90mm
Width from 20 to 150mm
Thickness from 5 to 20mm
Diameter from 40 to 120mm
Diameter from 10 to 40mm
Leg length from 60 to 100mm
Leg thickness from 6 to 12mm
Leg length from 20 to 50mm
Leg thickness from 3 to 6mm
IPE BEAMS---Section height from 80 to 120mm
Section height from 80 to 140mm
Section height 30mm

(*) For detailed technical characteristics and brochures of the SIDENOR production range, please visit

STOMANA INDUSTRY SA’s expansion into new markets in the wider Balkan region, combined with new investment plans, aims at further enriching its product range with the addition of new products while cutting production costs, enhancing quality and improving customer service.
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