Human Resources
STOMANA INDUSTRY relies on the abilities and efforts of its employees, acknowledging that human resources make the difference in today’s business sector. The company’s first priority is to recruit, develop and maintain the best people, ensuring their professional progress and rewarding their performance.

The Human Resources Department is constantly developing and applying modern administration models, such as performance evaluation based on ability and targets, constant education, and the association of reward with performance.

The Company encourages the education and training of its staff, either within the framework of their work or within the framework of their broader development and progress. Every year, the company offers its employees the opportunity to attend several seminars which are either organized internally or by various external educational organizations.

The educational needs emerge from all the company’s departments and the training covers a multitude of educational topics:
  • Administration for all ranks of employees

  • Quality Control

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Communication

  • Target Setting

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Technical Seminars

  • Foreign Languages
The company carries out educational seminars for all ranks of its employees (technical staff, office employees, department heads and managers).

Moreover, STOMANA is constantly cooperating with distinguished foreign companies which provide technical knowledge, education regarding technical and administration issues, as well as updates on the new developments in technology and its applications to the steel industry.
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